• Why people Scrap a Car or Scrap a Van.....

    With the New Year in full swing I thought I would give people a run down on some of the many reasons why most people scrap a car or scrap a van.

    While there will be many different reasons why people choose to scrap their vehicle the most common ones are as follows;

    Head Gasket Failure

    Once the head gasket on a vehicle has failed the car will overheat causing all kinds of problems. This proves to be a costly repair depending on the amount of damage that has been done to the engine. For most the cost will outweigh the value of the car.

    Cam belt Failure

    Another very costly failure encountered by many drivers of older (and sometimes newer) cars. Once the cam belt has snapped it can cause a vast amount of damage to the engine with most cars often requiring a full top end rebuild. As you can appreciate most people choose to write their car off as scrap at this point.

    Van or Lorry is Non-Compliant for the London Low Emission Zone

    Since the beginning of the 2012 all diesel vans built before 2002 and lorries built before 2006 have been deemed non-compliant to drive within the new London Low Emission Zone. Any non compliant vehicles which do so will incur a fine of up to £200 per day. Hence this is the reason many van drivers have chosen to scrap their van and upgrade to a newer one.

    Please Note:

    Should you be unfortunate enough to encounter any of the problems listed here you will pleased to know that we can remove your end of life vehicle and in most cases pay cash for scrap cars or vans.

    If you would like more information then please see our faq page to find out how to scrap your car

    Gearbox / Clutch failure

    If your gearbox or clutch fails then this can prove an expensive job especially if you have an automatic car or a car which uses a dual mass flywheel and clutch, many cars with this modern type of clutch prove to be uneconomical to repair rendering them as scrap.

    Accident Damaged / Write off

    If a persons car is written off in an accident then the vehicle becomes either a salvage car or a scrap car.

    Sometimes these cars prove to be too badly damaged to be repaired and put back on the road so there will be no option apart from scrapping the car.

    MOT Failure / End of Life Car

    Sometimes a car will fail its MOT with so many faults that it will prove to be too expensive to repair and the car will have become what some people refer to as an end of life vehicle which leaves it destined to be scrapped and the metal recycled.

  • Scrap Your Car and Get Some Extra Cash Before Christmas....

    Well it's a busy time of year and when it comes to the collection of scrap cars it's no exception.

    We are currently as busy as ever picking up a substantial amount of scrap vans due to the introduction of the London Low Emission Zone in the new year. There has also been a large increase in demand for the removal of scrap cars in the run up to the festive period with customers selling their car for that extra bit of cash in time for Christmas or others just wanting to free up some space on their driveway or garage to make room for the friends or family to park over the festive period.

    With all this mind we are working at full steam over Christmas and the New Year with a full fleet of recovery vehicles manned and ready to pick up your scrap car or van during this time.

    Should you wish to have your car collected during this busy period then please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

  • Why Now Is The Right Time To Scrap Your Van Or Truck....

    With the London Low Emission Zone coming into force at the beginning of 2012 it begs us to ask the question what becomes of your older van or truck and just what should you do with it ?

    My honest advice to people is scrap your van or truck immediately, do not to wait until the end of the year.

    Scrap prices are currently falling rapidly with the price of scrap falling more with each week that passes, by the time we reach the end of the year your scrap van or scrap car will be worth very little compared to what it could be worth now.

    For those who did not already know most small/medium trucks and vans upto 3.5t & registered before 2002 are going to be rendered unusable within London come Jan 3rd 2012 due to the new emissions laws which are coming in to force regarding the use of such vehicles within the capital.

    If you drive any of the following vans and it is registered before 2002 it will affect you; Transit, Escort, Peugeot Boxer/Expert, Fiat Ducato/Scudo, Citreon Relay/Dispatch, LDV Pilot/Conoy are just some of the vans which will be affected.

    If you are unsure if you are affected you can check online using the LEZ Compliance checker. Should you find that you are affected and need to scrap your van or truck then you can contact us via our Scrap Car Disposal contact page.



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